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Severe gum disease has affected most of the dentition and patient was suffering from chronic pain and infection.
The upper jaw was fully restored with 6 dental implants to support a fixed full arch Zirconia bridge. Some of the lower teeth which
had better long term expectations were kept and treated for their gum disease and the failed teeth were restored
with implant supported crowns and bridges.

Patient was suffering from missing most of his teeth and poor fitting dentures.  The remaining teeth were also mobile
and affected by gum disease and cavities. After a thorough assessment the dentition was restored with fixed full arch
Zirconia bridges supported by implants in both jaws.

Failed dentition was restored with full arch implant supported Metal Reinforced Acrylic Bridges.
Implants were placed in both jaws following removal of the remaining teeth and the bridges were made after the healing time.

Severe gum disease resulted in complete failure of the dentition. After a thorough assessment, all the teeth in the lower jaw and several teeth in the upper jaw were removed. The remaining teeth were treated for their gum disease. The dentition in the lower jaw and the missing upper teeth were restored with implant supported fixed Zirconia Bridges.

Restoring worn teeth and closing gap with Direct Restorations


Direct Composite veneers to restore chipped teeth and improve smile look.

Restoring worn dentition and closing gaps using direct composite veneers.

Single missing front tooth is replaced with an implant supported crown.

Significant bone loss following missing teeth for long time. Patient was rehabilitated
with two full arch fixed bridge after removal of the lower remaining teeth.
The bridges are Metal Reinforced Acrylic bridges.

 Almost all remaining teeth are presented with extensive caries, decoronated roots, infection and failed restoration. The good health of gum allowed preservation of the gums for better results and more natural look of the restorations. After removal of all remaining teeth, the dentition was restored with fixed Zirconia bridgeworks supported by implants in both jaws.

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